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WW1 Digger History Podcast

WWI Digger Stories Podcast reproduces the diaires, memoirs and letters of the real participants in the war that changed the course of the 20th Century. What was it like to be in the trenches, on the ships or behind the big guns where death stalked in infinite ways and it was impossible to make friends unless you were prepared to lose tham at any moment.

This podcast is formatted with each diairy or memoir forming a series, usually taking the listener through the war from beginning to end, from raw recruit to returning veteran, as it was experienced by the soldier and in his (or her, when I include Nurses stories) own words.

May 26, 2018

The aftermath of war..... "I saw something in the window of a house which caught my attention. It appeared to be a cut-out poster or picture of a hideous face like the cartoons one sees of mad Bolsheviks, thick grizzled beard and a mop of grizzled hair, and a horrible expression on the face. As I walked past looking at it in wonder at the very hideousness of it, the supposed picture suddenly started back violently as it caught sight of me, the eyes bulged out of their sockets and stared as though I were some frightful apparition. This made the face look more horrible and unearthly than ever. I was greatly astonished, and it made one feel uncomfortable to be the object of that ghastly maniacal stare. Obviously the fellow was a maniac, possibly a German soldier gone mad at the war and filled with sudden terror at sight of anyone in khaki. I looked back as I went on, and the awful face kept moving around the window to keep me in view, until the foliage of a tree came between".